Friday, January 18, 2013

Instructions for Mission Giving Percentages and Designations

UPDATED Jan 2019:
  1. The Denomination and Regional Conferences have officially rolled out a new Mission Giving approach of 10% total, as outlined below.
  2. The ECConf is also incorporating a "Church Planting Fund" of 2%-5% (min-max) into new Covenant Agreements 
  3. All churches and new Covenant Agreements will change to this approach effective 2017-07-01

Please don't hesitate to contact our East Coast Conference Office with any questions or clarifications: • 860-635-2691. Thanks!

Basic Instructions

  • Due by the 5th of each month:
    • Two Checks sent together directly to the East Coast Conference Office, 52 Missionary Road, Cromwell, CT 06416
    • Percentages based on local tithes and offerings (not appropriations, fundraising, or special gifts)
  • "Pay to the order of:" 
    • 3.5% ECConf Check - Pay to the order of:
      "East Coast Conference"
    • 6.5% Covenant check - Pay to the order of:
      "Covenant Church"
  • Write In Memos: 
    • "3.5% ECConf for [Month]" - always include month(s) giving is based on
    • "6.5% Covenant for [Month]" - always include month(s) giving is based on
    • Optional: in Covenant Check Memo note designated missionary/project giving (if applicable, see below) 
  • Mail to: 52 Missionary Road, Cromwell, CT 06416

Church Planting Fund of 2%-5%

From New Covenant Agreements (and updated for existing ones):
"The congregation shall actively pursue and accomplish it’s own local, regional, and global church planting efforts through parenting, partnering, residencies, or other related activities.
 Required during the first 5 years (encouraged to continue in perpetuity):"
  • 2%-5% “Church Planting Fund” (min–max) of local giving automatically designated and set aside in a local church account
  • Conference DCP approval and coordination for external church planting efforts

Details for Designated Missionary/Mission Project Giving

  • Up to 50% of the "6.5% Covenant Check" may be designated to an approved Covenant Missionary or Mission Project
  • Contact Patty Shepherd, Mission Advancement and Communication Associate Director
  • Mark Clearly in Memo of your “6.5% Covenant Check” for Missions Giving each month:
    • Evangelical Covenant Church -  $Amount
    • [Covenant Missionary Name/Mission Project] - $Amount

Simple Example for a Typical Month

  • $10,000 comes in for Local Tithes & Offerings
  • Church sends two checks: 6.5% for Covenant, 3.5% for ECConf
    • 6.5% = $650 to Evangelical Covenant Church, with option to designate up to half to a Covenant Missionary
      • 50% General = $325
      • 50% Designated = $325 to particular Covenant Missionary/Project
    • 3.5% = $350 to East Coast Conference
  • Church designates and holds locally: 2%-5% (min-max) for a "Church Planting Fund"
    • 2% = $200,
      up to
    • 5% = $500

Optional/Encouraged: ECConf Mission Agencies Support

We ask that all East Coast churches prayerfully consider some level of support and investment in these unique shared ministries. Suggested percentages (or set your own):
  • 1% to Pilgrim Pines Camp & Conference Center ( for the evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development ministries of Camp Squanto for Youth, Mayflower Family Camp, Retreat Ministry, and more
  • 0.5% to New England Seafarers Mission ( for the global mission work that comes directly to the ports and shoreline of the East Coast Conference
  • Special gifts, monthly, or quarterly support may be sent directly to each Mission Agency