Friday, January 18, 2013

Instructions for Mission Giving Percentages and Designations

UPDATED Jan 2019:
  1. The Denomination and Regional Conferences have officially rolled out a new Mission Giving approach of 10% total, as outlined below.
  2. The ECConf is also incorporating a "Church Planting Fund" of 2%-5% (min-max) into new Covenant Agreements 
  3. All churches and new Covenant Agreements will change to this approach effective 2017-07-01

Please don't hesitate to contact our East Coast Conference Office with any questions or clarifications: • 860-635-2691. Thanks!

Basic Instructions

  • Due by the 5th of each month:
    • Two Checks sent together directly to the East Coast Conference Office, 52 Missionary Road, Cromwell, CT 06416
    • Percentages based on local tithes and offerings (not appropriations, fundraising, or special gifts)
  • "Pay to the order of:" 
    • 3.5% ECConf Check - Pay to the order of:
      "East Coast Conference"
    • 6.5% Covenant check - Pay to the order of:
      "Covenant Church"
  • Write In Memos: 
    • "3.5% ECConf for [Month]" - always include month(s) giving is based on
    • "6.5% Covenant for [Month]" - always include month(s) giving is based on
    • Optional: in Covenant Check Memo note designated missionary/project giving (if applicable, see below) 
  • Mail to: 52 Missionary Road, Cromwell, CT 06416

Church Planting Fund of 2%-5%

From New Covenant Agreements (and updated for existing ones):
"The congregation shall actively pursue and accomplish it’s own local, regional, and global church planting efforts through parenting, partnering, residencies, or other related activities.
 Required during the first 5 years (encouraged to continue in perpetuity):"
  • 2%-5% “Church Planting Fund” (min–max) of local giving automatically designated and set aside in a local church account
  • Conference DCP approval and coordination for external church planting efforts

Details for Designated Missionary/Mission Project Giving

  • Up to 50% of the "6.5% Covenant Check" may be designated to an approved Covenant Missionary or Mission Project
  • Contact Patty Shepherd, Mission Advancement and Communication Associate Director
  • Mark Clearly in Memo of your “6.5% Covenant Check” for Missions Giving each month:
    • Evangelical Covenant Church -  $Amount
    • [Covenant Missionary Name/Mission Project] - $Amount

Simple Example for a Typical Month

  • $10,000 comes in for Local Tithes & Offerings
  • Church sends two checks: 6.5% for Covenant, 3.5% for ECConf
    • 6.5% = $650 to Evangelical Covenant Church, with option to designate up to half to a Covenant Missionary
      • 50% General = $325
      • 50% Designated = $325 to particular Covenant Missionary/Project
    • 3.5% = $350 to East Coast Conference
  • Church designates and holds locally: 2%-5% (min-max) for a "Church Planting Fund"
    • 2% = $200,
      up to
    • 5% = $500

Optional/Encouraged: ECConf Mission Agencies Support

We ask that all East Coast churches prayerfully consider some level of support and investment in these unique shared ministries. Suggested percentages (or set your own):
  • 1% to Pilgrim Pines Camp & Conference Center ( for the evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development ministries of Camp Squanto for Youth, Mayflower Family Camp, Retreat Ministry, and more
  • 0.5% to New England Seafarers Mission ( for the global mission work that comes directly to the ports and shoreline of the East Coast Conference
  • Special gifts, monthly, or quarterly support may be sent directly to each Mission Agency

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Instructions for New Monthly Reporting Process for ECConf Church Plants

For ECConf Church Planters:

As we unveiled and discussed at our recent Cohort gatherings, we're now shifting to a new online reporting process!

Monthly Reporting is now handled in two parts,
always Due by the 10th of each month:


Part 1 | Church Planter-Specific:
Monthly Church Planter Report

  • this is a simple online google form you can start using immediately for any reports, past or current
  • you'll also receive a monthly reminder at the beginning of each month
  • going forward these are always due by the 10th (including your up-to-date data for

Part 2 | Church-Specific:

  • you should start using this immediately for current data entry (we'll handle older data separately, so don't worry about that for now)
  • the only “reminder” will be the Monthly Church Planter Report form asking for confirmation, so... 

  • you will need to enlist a few volunteers for a weekly rhythm, with a few monthly-only inputs
  • Login Info

    • as I'm setting this up, you'll start receiving emails from with details of the login account created for you
    • the current plan is for two or three logins for each church:
      • 1) one specific to each church planter, with username = "firstlast" (e.g. "jasoncondon")
      • 2) "[Church Name] Staff", and
      • 3) Optional: "[Church Name] Volunteer"
      • each with the associated "staff" and "volunteer" permission levels for data entry and access (I'm currently the only "admin")
      • initially you'll have "Staff" level permissions to enter and edit data for current weeks (not for past data entry)
      • we may also try out the "Volunteer" login for pure data entry, but not sure it will work as well as just using "Staff"
    • Make sure you try it yourself and share your church's login info with just one or two trusted staff or key volunteers so they can test it out before you include other volunteers
  • Date Entry [Updated 02-15-2013]:

    • Weekly Data Entry - ideally these are entered by volunteers during the worship service or immediately following
      • Attendance [this is only adults, including all staff and volunteers, as well as those there just for Worship]
      • Attendance - Kids
      • Attendance - Visitors (First Time)
      • Contributions [local tithes and offerings]
      • Salvations
      • Volunteers
      • *Midweek Giving? [you may find this useful for entering online giving, otherwise add off-Sunday giving into the next Sunday]
    • We're simplifying further by removing these (some may show up again on the Church Planter Report (google form):
      • PEOPLE-2: Membership [this shouldn’t change much from week to week :), but having it “weekly” is better for tracking and graphing]
      • Monthly Data Entry - ideally these are entered within a week of the last Sunday of the month, and definitely before the 10th, primarily by volunteers such as your finance person
        • $ IN-1: Appropriations Received (by end of month)
        • $ IN-1: Appropriations Received (by end of month)
        • $ IN-2: Outside Fundraising (by end of month)
        • $ IN-3: Special Funds (by end of month)
        • $ OUT-1: Month's Budgeted Expenses
        • $ OUT-2: Non-Budgeted Expenses (by end of month)
        • $ OUT-3: Mission Giving: Covenant 8%
        • $ OUT-4: Mission Giving: ECConf 7%
        • $ ONBOOKS-1: Fund Balance (at end of month)
        • $ ONBOOKS-2: Total Past Due Bills (at end of month)
    • Video Tutorials:
      • not all will relate to you, but you may want to check out:
      • How to Add New Users (while only an "admin" can do this, it will explain what each type can do)
      • Overview of Tabs - overview of the dashboard, reports, charts, and input tabs.
      • How to Create Widgets - so you can create your own customized dashboard of data for your church "campus"
    • Input & Volunteer Suggestions:
      • have “ushers” do worship attendance count and enter on their smartphone
      • have head children’s worker do kid count and enter on their smartphone
      • have one of the offering counters enter amount as part of their counting workflow
      • have finance person enter monthly amounts
      • etc.
Don't wait to start using this. I expect it to take a little while to work out the kinks, so the more stress-testing and feedback, the better :)

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Much grace,
Jason R. Condon
Associate Superintendent
Director of Church Planting
East Coast Conference

(860) 479-2020

Handout: Church Planter Cohort Gatherings, Jan 9 & 10 - "Reflections and the New Year Ahead"