Friday, September 21, 2012

Exponential 2013 Church Planter Retreat + Covenant Connections

You DO NOT Want to Miss This:
A Church Planter Adventure in Three Parts!

We're heading back to Orlando again in 2013 for the Exponential Conference, Church Planters Retreat, and (new this year) Covenant Connections!

I've hooked us up with another phenomenal resort (way better AND cheaper than hotels), available from Sat April 20, 4pm to Sat April 27 check-out.

Both the Dept. of Church Growth & Evangelism and the East Coast Conference are providing significant scholarships and underwriting to make this super accessible for everyone.

Check out the details below. I'll keep this post updated as needed so you can always find the latest info right here.

Currently Confirmed as Attending - quite the crew!
[updated 01-02-2013]:

  1. Jason (& Lisa, Jaron, Bryn) (pre-paid spot)
  2. Howard (& Ann, Terra) (pre-paid spot)
  3. Kreig Gammelgard (pre-paid spot)
  4. Aaron Engler (pre-paid spot)
  5. Kiho Lee (pre-paid spot)
  6. Michael Carrion (& Liz?) (pre-paid spot)
  7. Efrain Alicea (& Erika) (pre-paid spot)
  8. T.C Moore (& Osheta) (pre-paid spot)
  9. Stephen Sharkey (& Kathleen) (pre-paid spot)
  10. Ryan Yi (pre-paid spot)
  11. Andrew Mook (pre-paid spot)
  12. Drew Hyun (& Tina, David) (pre-paid spot)
  13. Derrick Jackson (registered on own)
  14. Kim Wright (registered on own)
  15. Brynn Harrington (registered through CG&E)
  16. Dan Lee (registered through CG&E)
Let me know if you're on here by mistake, missing from the list, or need to make a change. Thanks!

Part 1 | Pre-Conference Fun & Covenant Connections

Before the Exponential Conference fully kicks-off, you'll have the opportunity to hang-out at the resort, maybe hit an attraction, relax, and connect with other Covenant church planters from across the country.
  • Early Arrivals Sat or Sun: Arrive at Resort as early as Sat April 20, 4pm (Jason & his family will already be there), or anytime after that (the ECConf will coordinate rental cars and rides)
  • Mon April 22, 1:00pm - Tue April 23, 12:00pm: Covenant Connections during the Exponential Pre-Conference slot
  • Mon After 5pm: "Free Time" back at the Resort or out on your own. We'll always do dinner together every night for those who want to join in

Part 2 | Exponential Conference

This is the Main Conference, with excellent general sessions, tons of break-outs and workshops, and particular tracks you can mix and match.
  • Tue April 22, 1:00pm - Thu April 25, 12:00pm (days end at 5:00pm)
  • Registration: Register NOW by following this process:
  • Rides: We'll drive there and back each day from the resort. 
  • Lunch: We'll have lunch fixings for everyone to make their own to take (not much really available at the Conference)
  • Dinner: the Exponential schedule on Tue & Wed ends at 5:00pm. We'll make dinner together back at the resort each night

Part 3 | ECConf Church Planters Retreat

Sure, the whole thing is an incredible retreat, but this part is just for us!
  • Thu April 25, 1:00pm - Sat April 27 (check-out by 10:00am, but pool and facility still available)
  • We'll debrief Exponential, look back over this past year, and dream and shape plans for the ongoing future of the church planting on the East Coast Conference. 
  • Plus there'll be plenty of unstructured time just for hanging out and building strong friendships

Costs & Other Details

  • Scholarships/Reimbursement: The first time you pay for something (registration, airfare, etc.)  forward your electronic receipt to and we'll take it from there
  • We've worked hard to make this Very Affordable for your churches: 
    • automatic $400 scholarship from CG&E
    • current Covenant Agreements include $200 for this retreat
    • many costs subsidized by the East Coast Conference
    • serious hustling on housing and food expenses :)
  • Costs (both approx. and fixed): 
    • Exponential Registration: $99 - $149 (depending on the deal you get)
    • Airfare: approx. $250-$500 (depending on departure time, direct flight, airports, etc.)
    • Rental Cars: Free (provided by East Coast Conference)
    • Housing & Meals: $300 fixed cost
      • same low price whether you come for all or some of the week (Sat April 22 - Sat April 27)
      • same low price whether alone or with a spouse ($300 period for church planter OR couple)
      • we'll buy house groceries to provide for breakfasts, lunch fixings, and dinners together back at the resort
      • extra snacks and personal outings on your own
    • (always let Jason know if finances are a hardship for your church to cover the remaining) 
  • Spouses
    • Spouses are welcome (and a few are already confirmed). We'll make more room if we need to!
    • We have several "free spots" as part of the pre-paid registrations for those who also want to come to Exponential itself. Come for none, some or all (there are special tracks for spouses and couples, skews heavily towards "wives")
    • Spouse can also coordinate their own fun on the fly
    • We'll all be together at night

Friday, March 16, 2012

Launch Teams Training, March 2012

More Photos: Training 1, Training 2
In early March over 140 people from 7 diverse church planting projects, gathered for a phenomenal time of equipping and encouragement for a growing church planting movement!

Saturday March 4, New Rochelle, NY:
Saturday March 11, East Bridgewater, MA:

This catch-all post captures some of the content and resources (Slides, Handout, Audio) from this first round of Launch Teams Training here on the East Coast Conference.  

You're welcome to re-use and re-mix these resources in whatever ways might further God's work in changing lives in the way of Jesus.

Audio: "Outsiders Insiders Friends Family: Choose Wisely"
Message during opening worship addressing four types of people typically drawn to a new church community. You become what you embrace, choose wisely!
(play with in-line player above or download audio at Internet Archive