Monday, June 6, 2011

Launching: Regional Cohorts, Coaches, & Monthly Gatherings

A New Rhythm & Structure for Church Planters on the East Coast Conference

Starting in July 2011 we're launching our new Regional Cohorts! This new approach to regularly gathering and resourcing our church planters across the East Coast Conference is just one piece of our overall vision to see,
"every church planter encouraged, equipped, and multiplied for a sustaining church planting movement."

Here's a brief overview of what the Regional Cohorts will look like:

General Structure:

NY/NJ Metro Cohort

  • Upcoming Church Plants
    • Elements, Efrain Alicea (Bronx NY)
    • plus 2-4 others currently in the works!

Greater Boston/New England Cohort

  • Regional Coach: Josh Throneburg
  • Current Church Plants
  • Upcoming Church Plants
    • 2-3 others currently in the works! (more details will come as we get closer to signing church planter agreements)

D.C./Baltimore Cohort

    • This will be a newly developing cohort (lots of potential for growth in this region)
    • Current Church Plant: Riverside, Peter Chin (D.C.)
    • Upcoming Church Plants: a couple others currently in the works! 

            Suggested Rhythm:

            Monthly Gatherings for Equipping & Encouraging

            • Frequency: Monthly Gatherings 9x/year
            • Pattern: 3-Month Repeating Cycle
              • Month 1: 
                • Gathered: Entire Regional Cohort with Director of Church Planting and Coaches. 
                • Focus: Vision-casting and Big Picture issues for training, support, and collaboration
              • Month 2: 
                • Gathered: Entire Regional Cohort gathers (with or without DCP)
                • Focus: Peer-led teaching and equipping, sharing best practices, encouragement, collaborations. Sometimes from Regional Coaches, sometimes from other church planters.
              • Month 3: 
                • Gathered: More localized clusters of 3-4 church planters (occasionally include DCP or Coach)
                • Focus: Encouragement and support for Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Health, as well as more localized collaboration opportunities.
              • Repeat, with breaks for holiday season, Midwinter, ECConf Church Planters Retreat, etc.