Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Gig! Associate Superintendent for East Coast Conference of ECC

A fitting post for my 40th birthday today, it's the culmination of a few months of prayer, discernment, conversations, interviews, and prayer (yes, I said that twice). My family and I are very excited for the new role and move to Cromwell, CT. Really looking forward to working with my new Super, Howard Burgoyne! (note comma placement)

My primary role is as Director of Church Planting and managing the congregational vitality ministries throughout the East Coast Conference. I'll also work closely with the national team of DCPs from the other ECC Conferences, as well as the ECC's Dept. of Church Growth & Evangelism.

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My family can't thank enough all who prayed for us, provided wise counsel, and continue to encourage us in pursuing God's calling on our lives. As goes the mission motto for the East Coast Conference, we're "on the move!"