Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pastors' Technology Seminar

Welcome to those who attended the ECC Midwinter Conference seminar, "Technology Tools for 21st-century Pastors" (and any others visiting this post!)

The notes and slides are already posted below (I'll likely take the time to 'embed' them here later), and the video will be up today later this week.

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Any tech-savvy Artisan folks are encouraged to chime in. Others pastors and ministry leaders who have questions about the use of technology in ministry are also welcome to the discussion (review the notes, slides, or video first to familiarize yourself with the scope of the topic)

Blessings as you use whatever tools necessary to further the work of Jesus.

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  1. Hello Jason, I attended your seminar and was glad I came. I still have some questions about assimilating some things into our web page how can I contact you with questions?

  2. David, I'd say start by asking your question here. Others may have the same question and even the answer!


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